Witch Name Generator

Witch Name Generator

While playing the game or writing a book it involves the character of a witch, but you can’t decide any name for the character then you can generate the name for your character in the Witch Name Generator. With this generator, you can generate thousands of unique names.

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Who is a Witch?

Witches are generally described as women with long pointy noses and green skin. And it is being said that they have flying abilities through the broomstick. Witches are women who have magical skills. They can cast the spell and have many other abilities.

They are known for their appearance as they wear a black robe and a pointed hat. There are two types of witches: Evil Witch and Good Witch. Evil Witch always thinks about hurting someone while Good Witch wants to live a normal life and protect people in the way she can.

Evil witches are known for their ability to cast spells, they cast the spells in a way that the person can’t do anything to break that spell. The person just had to wait for that moment when the spell could be broken by the right person.

Witches are known for their Witchcraft. When it comes to Witchcraft there is a possibility of Male Witches also who can be called sorcerers and wizards.

188+ Witch Names List

Witch Names

Looking for a unique and catchy name for your character witch, you should check out this list of the best Witch Names for your character.

  • Gwendolyn Naxxremis
  • Camille Chainsaw
  • Cruella Moriarty
  • Norae Dread
  • Maria Winter
  • Myrtle Damon
  • Nimue Christanti
  • Sierra Bloodgood
  • Adaire Panther
  • Sally Cromwell
  • Bryony Raven
  • Ailana Crimson
  • Candice Storm
  • Gillian Dupree
  • Vivian Delarosa
  • Mave Killoran
  • Avery Brevil
  • Serafina Creighton
  • Topaz Fang
  • Celestine Fade
  • Akiye Murik
  • Dawn Panther
  • Serafina Shade
  • Frances Geulimja
  • Denise Periculum
  • Cedonia Strain
  • Phoenix Rex
  • Fabularis Lynx
  • Lucille Vandran
  • Alani Hart
  • Misty Geulimja
  • Dalila Shelley
  • Zena Ebonywood
  • Ailana Wright
  • Primrose Manglyeong
  • Gloria Grimm
  • Winter Duke
  • Filix Killoran
  • Jinx Barlow
  • Tempest Christian
  • Bellatrix Christian
  • Shyla Ripper
  • Camille Diablo
  • Raine Bloodgood
  • Harmony Malum
  • Willow Scarletwound
  • Raine Orlando
  • Rosedriah Steros
  • Bryony La Croix
  • Azula Zayne
  • Denise Umbra
  • Juniper Christanti
  • Sabrina Dred
  • Nina Sephiran
  • Maera Payne
  • Pepper Barclay
  • Serafina Chalice
  • Lorelei Fadington
  • Arwen Argent
  • Sally Argent

Female & Girls Witch Names Collection

Female Witch Names

Check out the list of the best and unique witch names for females and girls to save you time and find the perfect name for your character. These all names are personally picked by our team for you.

  • Emlyn Vossen
  • Xavier Soulton
  • Cornelius Cross
  • Emlyn Tempest
  • Aindreas Crypt
  • Sol Latimer
  • Galen Ripper
  • Lucius Shade
  • Duncan Natas
  • Ballard Cromwell
  • Killian Deamonne
  • Heath Chalice
  • Magnus Vigil
  • Blaize Storm
  • Ward Bloodgood
  • Orion Nox
  • Fontayne Vonner
  • Aeneas Monroe
  • Brody Trevils
  • Earthan Darkmore
  • Jorah Sanguine
  • Chalmers Marth
  • Mistral Pickerin
  • Caton Mallor
  • Kaine Marth
  • Leif Gnash
  • Aeneas Lynx
  • Frewin Autumn
  • Elfed Morgan
  • Deron Le Torneau
  • Eoin Mallor
  • Bardo Zayne
  • Mars Naxxremis
  • Keanu Norwood
  • Tade Lobo
  • Freeman Helion
  • Kaine Lobo
  • Trent Ebonywood
  • David Interfector
  • Goran Aimes
  • Elfed Tempest
  • Osran Le Doux
  • Forrest Wolfmoon
  • Brady Morgan
  • Darius Storm
  • Gabriel Orlando
  • Aindreas Gnash
  • Draigh Jones
  • David Le Blank
  • Damek Razor
  • Aaron Sangrey
  • Niam Craft
  • Alastair Shadowmend
  • Frewin Vossen
  • Innis Serphent
  • Tate Void
  • Darnell Carpathia
  • Draigh Norwood
  • Emlyn Denholm
  • Gunnar Helion

Male Witch Names Ideas

Male Witch Names

Looking for a perfect name for your Male character, just check this handpicked list of the best male witch names and choose one for your character.

  • Rowan Hallewell
  • Tabitha Blackwood
  • April Razor
  • Gwyneth Talbot
  • Rowan Drabek
  • Guinevere Von Stein
  • Mystia Crow
  • Mildred Vandran
  • Roberta Cane
  • Louise Skinner
  • Allard Redwood
  • Tierney Shackleton
  • Einar Barkridge
  • Ward Devonshire
  • Ewart Rathmore
  • Fontayne Shadowwalker
  • Lucius Interfector
  • Eldridge Void
  • Aindreas Vexx
  • Deron Bloodgood
  • Finn Rathmore
  • Cade Sharpe
  • Heath Wraith
  • Dylan Graves
  • Chilton Hook
  • Osran Whisper
  • Sol Strain
  • Torin Vixen
  • Cyrus Fang
  • Keene Depraysie
  • Henrietta Le Doux
  • Athena Creighton
  • Selene Lynx
  • Esadora Nox
  • Angelica Maleficum
  • Glenda Zayne
  • Evie Vixen
  • Roberta Fang
  • Dorothy Lobo
  • Mardella Brevil
  • Kaine Thornton
  • Reuben Razor
  • Chalfont Dukes
  • Dilwyn Aura
  • Marsden Morelli
  • Ewart Sanguine
  • Gaian Depraysie
  • Brenainn Addington
  • David Delarosa
  • Duncan Monroe
  • Xena Fadington
  • Abigail Cromwell
  • Hayley Le Blank
  • Daisy Damon
  • Lilly Krauss
  • Tara Craft
  • Ophelia Le Doux
  • Eartha Diablo
  • Rowan Tombend
  • Tempest Sephiran

About this Generator

With this Witch name generator, You can get 10 names for the witches. If you had selected a male character then you can generate more names by clicking on the button of Male names. If you have selected a female character then you can generate more names by clicking on the button of Female names.

You can also generate the Witch’s name from the web series His Dark Material. The names of witches won’t be only from this web series there will be many other names also. You can generate more names by clicking on the button Get names. You can also generate the clan name or group name of the witches. You can generate English names and French names.

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