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If you are writing a sci-fi novel or book about the universe and you need some good and realistic names for the planet, you should try our planet name generator. You should also check our Planet names collection below.

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What do you mean by planet?

The planet is known as a celestial body that is in orbit and rotates around the Sun. This Sun can be different from other Milky Way and Galaxy. Mostly Planets are known due to the species that live on them. The name of Planets can be generated based on the resources that can be found on that planet.

Sometimes you will see that the planet’s name is based on its shape, size, and attributes. You will even see that some planets have similar attributes, but their names are different, and it can be because of where that planet is situated.

There are many Hollywood movies about the universe and aliens like, star wars, alien, guardian of the Galaxy, and many… If you have seen those types of movies, you could notice their planet names are unique and realistic. So if you are looking for that type of name, you need to check our planet name generator.

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130+ Unique Fantasy Planet Names

Planet Names

If you are still looking for some amazing planet names, then you should check our collection of planet names, these are also generated by our name generator.

  • Cililia
  • Hiviruta
  • Bicelia
  • Lonkeatania
  • Hinetune
  • Cenvenia
  • Sinritania
  • Yastrumia
  • Bavonope
  • Melleter
  • Avaobos
  • Igearia
  • Sidrapus
  • Sigov
  • Vendosie
  • Yelichi
  • Xelrion
  • Legrichi
  • Yalleron
  • Xicciea
  • Onkurn
  • Ethomia
  • Xugilia
  • Latholla
  • Ielara
  • Aoturn
  • Leirus
  • Xeliv
  • Tiater
  • Xeuria
  • Dueclite
  • Elia
  • Iter
  • Maohiri
  • Citer
  • Gauthea
  • Choth J2D
  • Bichi LNK
  • Chuna RY4
  • Marth P7
  • Mapus U3
  • Minda 258
  • Murn 5RC9
  • Brov A4TD
  • Phara S56W
  • Llarvis 6B82
  • Treshan
  • Seshan 3Z5
  • Crapus 3
  • Sonoe C
  • Brilia N85S
  • Brarvis D8E
  • Meon B4B6
  • Zuna 17N
  • Bone U674
  • Nichi U9N
  • Cao 5M6I
  • Biri 27
  • Cillon 6BT
  • Sagua 4813
  • Drion DMAS
  • Gonoe 8H9P
  • Thiuq N3
  • Brade 1803
  • Sorix R6UL
  • Drolla JJ7
  • Lore U094
  • Grars W447
  • Sion 4TX0
  • Deshan F09N
  • Veron 5LJ
  • Gichi 2W8
  • Sinda 3OY
  • Strapus TIYY
  • Cichi YD
  • Minda 06M
  • Vorix
  • Gnolla YE
  • Miri IQL
  • Zinda Y2U
  • Michi LO
  • Gneon 44OP
  • Grides YJ
  • Crov 6KC
  • Grion 9EN
  • Lion 7J8
  • Liri 137
  • Crade B7Q
  • Sora 0U91
  • Gnyke 2YY
  • Trars 636L
  • Chion G803
  • Giuq X4H
  • Therth HTL
  • Dreron Y9P
  • Barth DC
  • Drarvis 4FX
  • Derth J7Z5
  • Boria 6W8D
  • Zade 70D0

How to use Planet Name Generator

If you want to know about planet name generator. You just need to click on the generate button and it will generate 5 planet names at a time.

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